Dehydrated Grape seaweed with 200gr

Trí Tín

Tri Tin dried grape seaweed products canned 200gr, soaked in fresh 600gr be favored by customers at home and abroad for convenience. Grape seaweed has many essential nutrients the body, used as a substitute for high-class green vegetables.

Each box will have 10 small packages inside each use soaking each small package suitable for a person's meal.

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Price: 6 usd/ Box 200gr


♦ Help children eat well

♦ Prevent cardiovascular disease and inflammation

♦ Improve the condition of diabetes

♦ Grape seaweed is also suitable for people who need to lose weight and diet, who are being treated for cancer

♦ Eating grape seaweed prevents goiter

♦ Eating grape seaweed improves eyesight and good for eyes

♦ Grape seaweed used as a mask for skincare, beauty care.

User manual:

Tri Tin raisins are soaked in clean water for 3 minutes, the raisins will bloom and become fresh again. Take out the seaweed and put it in a bowl of ice for 3 minutes to cook, then use immediately. Use directly as greens with sauces such as: sesame sauce (soy sauce + mustard + sugar); mayonnaise + chili sauce; lemon chili salt, sweet and sour vinegar oil ... or served with processed dishes. Used to cook soup, salad, salad, cook.

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