8 reasons you should eat sea grape seaweed regularly

Sea grape seaweed is a strange food for Vietnamese people but with the uses in improving the skin, eliminating fat, high in iodine ... that we listed below will make you want to Immediately bring this food into your daily diet.

For young people who like Japanese and Korean culture, sea grape seaweed is a new dish. However, this is still a relatively new food in Vietnamese meals.

Recently, Jamie Oliver - a famous English chef with campaigns to improve the culinary life as well as bad cooking habits of British and American people - has revealed his favorite food in his weight loss menu. is sea grape seaweed. Famous stars like Victoria Beckham and Britney Spears also claim to be fans of this seaweed. So what is so special about this plant?

First of all, sea grape is low in carbohydrates and calories, making it an ideal snack on the desk - although it may not be as good as other junk foods. Second, it is full of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. In addition, there are 8 other reasons why you want to include this food in your diet menu:

1, Improve skin tone

Sea grape seaweed enhances the ability to detoxify so it helps skin cells to eliminate toxins on the skin. In addition, each piece of seaweed contains lots of zinc, magnesium, omega and antioxidants - all of which are beneficial for the skin.

2, Eliminate fat

A natural fiber found in sea grape has been shown to inhibit enzymes that help digest fats. Another test also showed that another component in seaweed not only makes our body burn fat faster but also prevents the digest of fat as soon as they are put into the body.

3, Create a feeling of fullness

Seaweed grapes rehydrate as soon as it reaches your stomach. Therefore, it makes you feel full and does not want to eat anymore.

4, Contains chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in seaweed (and in other green vegetables) and has been shown to help prevent hunger and reduce inflammation.

5, Beneficial for those with large round 1

Iodine helps the thyroid regulate metabolism and it is found in seaweed. In the human body, iodine is stored in the breast, so the bigger the breasts, the higher the iodine needs. The human body needs about 150mcg of iodine per day but actually only receives 130mcg. Therefore, we have even more reasons to eat sea grape seaweed.

6, Sea grape seaweed is the power of iron

Not only is it high in iron, seaweed also contains a lot of vitamin C that helps the body absorb minerals.

7, Sea grape seaweed makes your heart healthy

In addition to caring for the heart and keeping cholesterol under control, seaweed also contains polysaccharides that help prevent hematoma.

8, Regulate blood pressure

Seaweed is high in potassium, which helps prevent high blood pressure.


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