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How to choose any good grape seaweed


Finding a good quality sea grape product is really difficult for first-time customers to buy sea grape seaweed, but customers need to ask the seller to provide HACCP certification for the product. Rest assured to choose and buy grape seaweed there.

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Grape seaweed can treat constipation for babies


Sea grapes not only good foods for children with constipation, but also help provide optimal nutrients for the health of babies.

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How to make salmon grape salmon salad with passion fruit sauce


On weekends, the palates change with the favorite dish of women, the seaweed salad with salmon grape with passion fruit sauce. The dish has a sour taste of passion fruit, just a little salty of grape seaweed and pan-fried salmon.

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What grape seaweed to eat?


Grape seaweed is a popular dish with Vietnamese people, to create a delicious seaweed dish, it must be combined with sauces according to the user's taste, kewpie sauce and magic flavor to bring you delicious feeling, prefer grape seaweed to every meal.

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How to choose delicious grape seaweed


Maybe many people have known seaweed but not paying attention to the difference of a different type of grape seaweed, which will lead to confusion and not knowing how to choose delicious seaweed, easy to affect health.

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Sea grape seaweed where to buy


Dehydrated grapes seaweed, also known as split grape seaweed, a convenient green vegetable product used in family meals, you can buy to send abroad to relatives and families without worrying about breakdowns such as other fresh vegetable products. The special feature of raisins is that when it is soaked for 3 minutes it still feels like fresh seaweed.

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